We Worked Out With Rebel Fitness And Lived To Tell The Story!

Hi, Ashleigh here! For those of who don’t know my brother is a personal trainer who owns Rebel Fitness. So as a disclaimer I’m not writing this because he’s my brother and he needs the promotion! I genuinely love him as a personal trainer and I was the HAPPIEST with my body when I worked out with him consistently.

So anyways, he’s been hosting fitness boot camps around Houston and I LIVE for them! It’s a fun time and a great workout.

Just a little background about how the boot camp works. He usually does a theme and our last theme was cardio. We started off with a circuit training style workout for about 30 minutes. There were different stations like jump rope, arm curls, crunches with a kettle ball etc. We did each circuit for 2 minutes and it sounds like a little but it was really A LOT!

For part two we did some lunges, shuttle running, and high knees. Overall it was a great workout and all I could imagine is how great my body would look if I actually had the discipline and time to work out with him all the time.

THE GOOD NEWS IS he has these boot camps often! And the next theme is….WEIGHT TRAINING! I’m personally excited because I want to tone my body and weight training is my weak area. I can do cardio all day but ask me to lift some weights and I will fail in epic fashion. For info on when the next boot camp will be, follow us on Instagram at cccevents!


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