How To Pull Off A Luau Bridal Shower Theme

Hey, charming chix! We recently threw a summer party this month for the ladies here in Houston, it was so fun! It inspired me to think about how we could apply that summer party theme to our business of weddings and birthdays. So then I got the idea for summer party bridal shower. I don’t have any brides who are currently asking for something like this but I thought if I did a post about it then it might inspire a bride out there.

Luau, flamingo and pineapple parties are really popular right now because it’s like bringing a tropical feel to any venue. So I’m using that theme and applying it to a bridal shower. It’s fun but can still be done in a classy, chic way!



We all know décor is pretty much the base of your party. Before people see food or anything else they see your décor. It sets the mood for the kind of event you want to have. Since this would be for a bridal shower I didn’t want to showcase things that were on the silly side of a luau party. This would be “Luau Party 2.0”. So let’s get into what kind of décor I would use for this kind of celebration.
So I know we have the luau theme but you can take it a step further and add a color theme. I like a pink, green and gold theme because those colors pop and complement each other well.
Then there are the basics of your décor that I think any party like this needs:
You have to have a tiki bar! What is a luau without a tiki bar?! You can also get with the bartender to make a signature drink!
Every lady needs a lei. I’m sure there’s some way you can make a game out of the ladies taking each other’s leis and have a grand prize for the person with the most at the end.
This spray painted gold pineapple would be a great centerpiece!
Gold Pineapple
Balloon letters are so in right now, so why not get some that say “Aloha”!
Aloha Balloon Letters
And no party is complete without a place to take pictures. This backdrop is fun and chic!
Luau Backdrop


Every good party needs three essential things when it comes to food. Those things are food, drinks, and dessert. A bridal shower usually isn’t a sit-down dinner so that goes great with the luau theme. That means you won’t need a meal, instead, you’ll need things like finger foods.
So let’s start with the food. There are a few options you can go with. Things like pulled pork sliders, seafood kabobs, and even fruit kabobs. You want at least 4-6 different dishes since you’re not serving an actual meal. If you’re feeling REALLY bold you can make this pineapple salsa, below.
Pineapple Salsa
As I mentioned before this is a really good chance to have a signature drink. It can be summer themed or more personal (your fiancé’s favorite drink or the drink you ordered on your first date).
And now my favorite part…DESSERT! I live for a good dessert table! Of course, you want to stick with the same color theme as the rest of the party. You also want to mix up the desserts you have. A good mix of cupcakes, cookies, donuts, and candy would be great! I love the example below! It’s simple and cute!
Luau Dessert Table
I hope we could help to inspire your special day! If you’re interested in us creating this party for you in real life please email us at! To keep up with us follow us on Instagram at cccevents!

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