Our New Pop Up Shop Package!

You all may or may not know we have been doing our pop up shops pretty consistently throughout this year. We are currently working on our third pop up. Head over to our Instagram for more info about that event! But today I want to tell you guys about our newest package we’re adding to our service list.

We’ve fallen so in love with producing our own pop-ups that now we want to help you with yours! We decided to add a pop-up package for all the small businesses and growing brands out there! So this is for the boutiques, bakers, jewelry makers, chefs, who are participating at other pop-ups with 10 or more other vendors and you’re wondering “What if all these people were here for JUST me?”! It might sound selfish but it’s really not! It’s about growing your brand and we’ve found pop-ups are one of the best ways to rekindle old client relationships and create new ones.

So what’s included in this pop-up package? Well, we know that if you’re already running a business you hardly have time to plan something like a huge pop-up. So that’s where we come in! We will take your ideas and bring them to life just like we would bring a bride’s ideas to life for her dream wedding. Included in our pop up package:

  • Event Design
  • Graphic Design & Printing For Promotion (IG Post, Flyers, Postcards, Etc.)
  • Finding The Venue
  • Creating and Managing Guest Registration
  • Set Up & Take Down Of The Event

There are so many possibilities for what your pop up could be like! Some ideas:

  • Launching A New Business
  • Launching A New Product/Service For Your Business
  • A Limited Edition Product Launch
  • A Limited Or New Collaboration With Another Brand

Since we are so excited about this new service and we want you to be just as excited we are currently offering 50% off this package! If it sounds like something you’re interested in email us at becharming@yahoo.com for more information!

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Baby Shower Ideas For Twins

twins baby shower

Twins are so fun! All of the matching outfits and photo ops! But before your babies get here and you get to plan all those matching outfits you have to plan a baby shower! A shower for twins can seem overwhelming because it’s about TWO babies and not just one. Well, I’ve got a few ideas to share with you mommies who are feeling like it’s just going to be TOO MUCH! All of the ideas I’m sharing are really easy to execute!


twins baby shower

The first theme is a fairy tale, once upon a time theme! This is really fun if you’re having a girl and a boy but it really could work for any set of twins. You can definitely play up the princess and prince details for this theme.

twins baby shower

Our next theme is Dr. Suess’ Thing 1 and 2! I personally love this theme because you can do so much with it! It absolutely works if you’re having same-sex twins. This is also probably the easiest to plan and complete. Light blue and red decorations are very easy to find at any time of the year and Dr. Suess is a well-known brand so you can find that stuff almost anywhere too.

twins baby shower

Instead of going with the usual pink and blue baby shower you can do a more modern take on that with a peach and mint theme! This is also pretty easy to plan because your focus is more on the color scheme and not a theme. You’ll probably find more decorations for this theme in a place like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby instead of your local party store.

twins baby shower

This “two peas in a pod theme” is just the cutest! If you’re having a boy and a girl I would definitely play up the pink and green details. If you’re having just girls you can still do pink and green but make it a little more girly or if you’re having boys you can for sure just focus on the green and have a few pink accents for mommy!

twins baby shower

Now this tea for two theme is just a tea party waiting to happen! You can really take this theme wherever you would like to. The base of the theme is that it’s a tea party. Your colors don’t have to follow the picture above. Make it your own! Instead of using pink and gold go with light blue and gold or a combination of the two!


I hope these baby shower themes gave you all some ideas of what you want to have at your own shower or the one you’re helping plan! If this all still seems like too much and you think you need help planning something like this please fill out the contact form so my event planning company, Charmingly Chic Creations, can help you! Please follow us on social media to keep up with us!

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How To Pull Off A Luau Bridal Shower Theme

Hey, charming chix! We recently threw a summer party this month for the ladies here in Houston, it was so fun! It inspired me to think about how we could apply that summer party theme to our business of weddings and birthdays. So then I got the idea for summer party bridal shower. I don’t have any brides who are currently asking for something like this but I thought if I did a post about it then it might inspire a bride out there.

Luau, flamingo and pineapple parties are really popular right now because it’s like bringing a tropical feel to any venue. So I’m using that theme and applying it to a bridal shower. It’s fun but can still be done in a classy, chic way!



We all know décor is pretty much the base of your party. Before people see food or anything else they see your décor. It sets the mood for the kind of event you want to have. Since this would be for a bridal shower I didn’t want to showcase things that were on the silly side of a luau party. This would be “Luau Party 2.0”. So let’s get into what kind of décor I would use for this kind of celebration.
So I know we have the luau theme but you can take it a step further and add a color theme. I like a pink, green and gold theme because those colors pop and complement each other well.
Then there are the basics of your décor that I think any party like this needs:
You have to have a tiki bar! What is a luau without a tiki bar?! You can also get with the bartender to make a signature drink!
Every lady needs a lei. I’m sure there’s some way you can make a game out of the ladies taking each other’s leis and have a grand prize for the person with the most at the end.
This spray painted gold pineapple would be a great centerpiece!
Gold Pineapple
Balloon letters are so in right now, so why not get some that say “Aloha”!
Aloha Balloon Letters
And no party is complete without a place to take pictures. This backdrop is fun and chic!
Luau Backdrop


Every good party needs three essential things when it comes to food. Those things are food, drinks, and dessert. A bridal shower usually isn’t a sit-down dinner so that goes great with the luau theme. That means you won’t need a meal, instead, you’ll need things like finger foods.
So let’s start with the food. There are a few options you can go with. Things like pulled pork sliders, seafood kabobs, and even fruit kabobs. You want at least 4-6 different dishes since you’re not serving an actual meal. If you’re feeling REALLY bold you can make this pineapple salsa, below.
Pineapple Salsa
As I mentioned before this is a really good chance to have a signature drink. It can be summer themed or more personal (your fiancé’s favorite drink or the drink you ordered on your first date).
And now my favorite part…DESSERT! I live for a good dessert table! Of course, you want to stick with the same color theme as the rest of the party. You also want to mix up the desserts you have. A good mix of cupcakes, cookies, donuts, and candy would be great! I love the example below! It’s simple and cute!
Luau Dessert Table
I hope we could help to inspire your special day! If you’re interested in us creating this party for you in real life please email us at becharming@yahoo.com! To keep up with us follow us on Instagram at cccevents!
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We Worked Out With Rebel Fitness And Lived To Tell The Story!

Hi, Ashleigh here! For those of who don’t know my brother is a personal trainer who owns Rebel Fitness. So as a disclaimer I’m not writing this because he’s my brother and he needs the promotion! I genuinely love him as a personal trainer and I was the HAPPIEST with my body when I worked out with him consistently.

So anyways, he’s been hosting fitness boot camps around Houston and I LIVE for them! It’s a fun time and a great workout.

Just a little background about how the boot camp works. He usually does a theme and our last theme was cardio. We started off with a circuit training style workout for about 30 minutes. There were different stations like jump rope, arm curls, crunches with a kettle ball etc. We did each circuit for 2 minutes and it sounds like a little but it was really A LOT!

For part two we did some lunges, shuttle running, and high knees. Overall it was a great workout and all I could imagine is how great my body would look if I actually had the discipline and time to work out with him all the time.

THE GOOD NEWS IS he has these boot camps often! And the next theme is….WEIGHT TRAINING! I’m personally excited because I want to tone my body and weight training is my weak area. I can do cardio all day but ask me to lift some weights and I will fail in epic fashion. For info on when the next boot camp will be, follow us on Instagram at cccevents!


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