Welcome to celebration heaven! If you’re here you are looking for one of two things. Either you are planning a party and you need some ideas OR you’re planning a party and you need party planners to help with that! Whichever, why-ever you have found the right place and we are happy to have you!

Who Are The Event Chix?

It’s really simple, we are just two simple women from Houston, TX who love to make people smile. Parties are just our THING! But if you’d like to get more personal here are some fun facts about us:

  • There are two Event Chix….Ashleigh and Whitney
  • We are cousins! <3
  • We both have kids….Ashleigh has 2 boys and Whitney has 2 girls
  • ¬†We both work in education…Ashleigh is a teacher and Whitney works with administration
  • Whitney is more of the creative and Ashleigh is more business minded but we come together to make the most amazing events
  • Ashleigh graduated from Sam Houston State University….Eat Em Up Kats!!
  • Whitney makes all natural soaps, oils and lotions during her spare time

Our ultimate goal is to become one of the biggest and best event companies in Houston but we need your help to get there! Please, please, pleaseee go like and follow our social media. That is the easiest way to keep up with us. And most importantly if you need ANY help planning our dream event contact us A S A P!